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Welcome to The Pariah - News You Can Use.

The Pariah is the world's favourite on-line magazine, and I know that because I write it.

Obviously, being a highly provocative, news-based monthly journal, it's impossible to say what will grace the front cover of the next edition. However, just for sport, I'll have a go...

There will be more of the same ill-conceived, uninspiring rants - including features on pop arseholes 'O-Town', and - of course - 'H' from Steps.

We go for the really big names, because we don't care what celebrity toes we tread on...

The first edition of The Pariah. The ultimate in male accessory.

If you liked what you've read - well done!

Please also take time out to use the above link, which will take you straight to the award-winning first edition of The Pariah.

This way, you don't lose any of those delectably un-informed monologues that caused such a stir throughout the ranks of decent society...

Unless you want to, of course...