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Pop Pariah?

Lovejoy. J Lovejoy, tries to find some meaning in it all.


Jackson: Bad? Bloody awful, mate.

All in all, it really hasn't been a good month for the self-proclaimed 'King of Pop', Michael Jackson.

The singing waxwork, became a pale and withdrawn figure this week, when his plans to record a money-spinner for the victims of the 11 September terrorist attacks, were rather heartlessly scuppered by his would-be collaborators.

Already denied access to the recent US television tribute to the New York Police and Fire forces, Jackson took the initiative and wrote the single 'What more can I give?' A song, which he planned to record with a number of other A-list singing sensations, including Britney Spears, Destiny's Child and Mya.

The 43-year-old star had apparently offered his services to the New York tribute last month, but was denied with little deliberation. A spokeswoman said the fear was that 'his performance would have been more about him than the victims'.

Jackson was very clearly taken aback.

What could it all mean? Surely the World loves Jacko's pasty-face, messianic, air-grabbing, dance routines? After all, where else are the masses going to go to feed their collective hunger for vague, Christian imagery and expensive light shows? No where, but here. For Jackson's shows can't even be called shows, unless there's at least thirty, well-paid children, dressed as orphans, ready to be redeemed at his hands.

And Jackson's commitment doesn't stop there, for the audience's sake he will put his 'all' into his performance. When he emerges on to the stage, dressed in those outsized, swaddling clothes, he is quite prepared to do battle with the wind-machine, and negotiate the combined hazard of props and loose children, in that trademark, tightly choreographed, yet still, mysterious way...

All this for us.

Following on from this, at the beginning of the week, Jackson was suddenly to receive more bad news, as an array of singing upstarts decided to wash their hands of him.

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Mya, Density's Child and Usher, despite all previously agreeing to record vocals for Jackson's new charity single, have since decided to bail out, with little or no explanation.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's PA said simply, enigmatically: 'They will not be performing with Michael Jackson'.

Whereas, Destiny's child at least did the decent thing and dragged out a few hastily improvised 'other commitments' as an attempt to gloss over their part in this conspiratorial wickedness.

Mya and Usher, didn't wish to comment at all.

However, the ill-fated single will go ahead, albeit with a scaled down and rather shoddy collection of talent still prepared to sing their segments. Stars still linked to the project include Ex-Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, and Ex-Backstreet Boy Nick Carters, little brother, Aaron.

It must (quite understandably) be a terrible blow for Mikey - a talented musician, whose name has consistently graced in the International charts for over three decades- to be so outrageously shunned by the likes of that shower-cap wearing, tool, Usher.

But at least it must be of some relief that the likes of Alien Ant Farm still think he rocks!

Oh, no, Wait...that's no good, is it?