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Pointless News Story

LOVEJOY .J. LOVEJOY makes the news his own.

Please, don't thank me...

Dave Hartfield, a Candian hotel bouncer, tailed an armed robber 230 miles after he stole the equivalent of 32p. After pursuing the man across the country in his van, Hartfield then flagged down a police car.

The robber had taken the money from the night manager at the Maryland Travel Hotel. Mr Hartfield, 36, told the 'Winnipeg Sun': 'He led me right to his house. I thought he was pretty stupid'.

The 6ft 5in, 16 stone (230lb) bouncer was off duty but had gone to the hotel to visit friends. He was in the lounge when he heard shouting coming from the reception area. It is reported a man waving a knife with a 2 inch blade was confronting the desk clerk after jumping over the front counter.

The night manager went to his aid but was then forced to turn over everything in his pocket - about CA$1.50 in change. The suspect dropped half the money when Mr Hartfield appeared. Then, fled through the car park followed by the lumbering bouncer.
Hotel manager Lori Castor said: 'He really is a hero in our eyes. If he hadn't been here, they wouldn't have caught him.'

Acting Duty Inspector Frank Taylor added: 'I would say he actually did a good job of keeping eye contact with the suspect and leading police to the location the individual was at'

It can't be easy trying to remain incognito, when you're an enormous lug in outsized bomber jacket, yet despite all Mr Hertfield's hard work, no charges have been brought against the armed man.

And Mr. Hartfield is still yet to receive any form of reward for his heroism.